PlasmaDLT Node Set-up Guide Mainet

    Platforms Requirements We support running a full node on Mac OS X and Linux.

    In this guide:

    Minimum System Requirements

    The hardware must meet certain requirements to run a full node.

    • 500 GB of free disk space
    • Accessible at a minimum read/write speed of 100 MB/s
    • 4 cores of CPU and 8 gigabytes of memory (RAM)

    Installing the PlasmaDLT project

    • Step 1: Installing the PlasmaDLT project
    • Step 2: Setting up Configurations
    • Step 3:  Start the wallet service (wallet), command example

    Step 1: Installing the PlasmaDLT project

    Go to directory according to the network you want to join in. Choice Testnet or Mainet.

      # Please go to
     mkdir /data
     mkdir /data/<producer name>
     mkdir /data/<produer name>/producer/conf
     # Get docker image 
     docker pull plasmachain/mainet:latest
     # Copy config files
     cp config.ini /data/<producer name>/producer/conf
     cp genesis.json /data/<producer name>/producer/conf
     # Create network
     docker network create --driver bridge <producer name>

    Step 2: Setting up Configurations

    Setup the config file to configure our node nano config.ini Now replace the following lines

      # config.ini
      server address: p2p-server-address = YOUR_NODE_IP_ADDRESS:8701
      your producer name: producer-name = YOUR_BP_NAME
      created producer keypair: private-key = ["YOUR_PUBKEY","YOUR_PRIVKEY"]


    • You need to get an official account testnet or mainet on
    • Get test token on
    • Get file genesis.json
    • Gep P2P endpoint
    • http-server-address = register the port on which the host will listen to http requests
    • p2p-listen-endpoint = set the port on which the host will listen for p2p incoming connections. Also, the value of this parameter should be given to the network administrator, so that he would include this host in the list of p2p-peer-address addresses of all producer nodes of the network.
    • p2p-peer-address fill in the list of p2p network producer nodes. It must be obtained from the network testnet or mainet from
    • agent-name set the name of the node.
    • producer-name set the node name equal to the name of the account that the node owner received in step 1
    • signature-provider - set the key values ​​that the node owner received from


    • Check chain-state-db-size-mb value in config, it should be not bigger than you have RAM
    • Open TCP Ports (8701, 8601) on your firewall/router

    Step 3:  Start the wallet service (wallet), command example

       docker exec -i <network>-bios-node sol wallet import -n walletname <privkey>

    Start the ionode process, sample command

     docker run -d --net <producer name>  -v /data/<producer name>/producer:/<producer name> -p 8801:8888 -p 9876:9876 --name producer-<producer name> --restart on-failure plasmachain/mainet:latest ionode --replay-blockchain --verbose-http-errors --genesis-json /<producer name>/conf/genesis.json --max-transaction-time=100 --config /<producer name>/conf/config.ini --data-dir /<producer name>/blockchain

    After the node has played all the blocks of blockchain and created its own replica, the following commands can be executed as a command line utility as a test

    docker exec -i <network>-bios-node sol get table plasma.token EURP stat
    docker exec -i <network>-bios-node sol get account plasma.token
    docker exec -i <network>-bios-node sol get abi plasma.token

    Reg producer node

    # this command must be performed by an already registered producer, please contact with admin node network
     docker exec -i <network>-bios-node sol -u https://***** system regproducer accountname <producer-publickey> “https://<>/” -p accountname


    • Check if you can access you node using link http://you_server:your_http_port/v1/chain/get_info


    • If you would like to run a Block Producer node you need register your node at

    Other tools: Sol commands

    Send token

    # You can find a complete list of tokens on the official website.
    docker exec -i <network>-bios-node sol transfer <your account> <receiver account> "paySysCms":false "1.000000000000000000 USDP" "test memo text"

    Get Balance

    $ ./sol  get currency balance usdp <account name>

    List your last action (use -h to get help, don`t work now, works with history node only)

    docker exec -i <network>-bios-node sol  get actions <account name>

    Get blockchain info

    docker exec -i <network>-bios-node sol get info <account name>

    Get account info

    docker exec -i <network>-bios-node sol  get  <account name>
    docker exec -i <network>-bios-node sol  get  <account name> --json

    Additional Resources

    See these additional resources for more information about authorization, API resources and order actions.


    For API feature requests, bug reports and other questions related to API guides, contact [email protected].